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19th June 2018 - Diagrams for Alien - a simple surprise denouement pictorial fold and brief notes about My paperfolding design philosophy.
13th June 2018 - Diagrams for Dodecahedron with Windows - a 30-part modular design and Upstream - a pictorial landscape design.
6th June 2018 - Diagrams for Egypt and Obelisk - both minimalist landscapes with an Egyptian theme.
30th May 2018 - Diagrams for America - a pictorial landscape design.
23rd May 2018 - Diagrams for A Change of Perspective - a minimalist double image design, Waiting for the Ferry - a single sheet one fold design and Flatmates - a multiple sheet one fold design.
15th May 2018 - Diagrams for Find the Lady - a simple minimalist pictorial puzzle, and Fishwife - a related simple double image design.
10th May 2018 - Diagrams for Doggone Cool! - a simple pictorial / drawing with paper design.
12th April 2018 - Diagrams for Old Man with Stick/Staff - a simple pictorial / drawing with paper design.
3rd April 2018 - Diagrams for Yacht - a simple pictorial / drawing with paper design.
28th March 2018 - Diagrams for Banana Boat - a minimalist design.
22nd March 2018 - Diagrams for Bull - a minimalist design.
15th March 2018 - Diagrams for Twins - an active play origami design.
6th March 2018 - Diagrams for The Unconventional Cube and for the 3-fold minimalist version of The Paul Jackson Cube, which uses the same module.
21st February 2018 - Diagrams for The Line Between - a conceptual origami design.
14th February 2018 - Diagrams for Standing Heart
11th February 2018 - New page in the history section about Froebelian Paperfolding and the Kindergarten
25th January 2018 - Diagrams for Fred and new page in the history section about Komoso / Yakko-san
18th January 2018 - Diagrams for The Twisted Square Cube
12th January 2018 - New pages in the history section about Symmetrical Inkblots / Klecksography / Rorschach Test and Paper, Scissors, Stone.
11th January 2018 - Diagrams for Windfarm - a tessellation from a large square partly slit into smaller squares and half squares.
4th January 2018 - Diagrams for Banded Cubes and Stars.
21st December 2017 - Diagrams for Piranha - an active play paperfold.
21st December 2017 - Diagrams for The Broken Square Cube.
14th December 2017 - Diagrams for The Whirlpool Cube.
7th December 2017 - Diagrams for Skew Sonobe Modules, the Skew Sonobe Cube and the Decorative Skew Sonobe Cube.
30th November 2017 - Diagrams for The Cockeyed Cube - a development of the Mondrian Cube in which each pair of opposite faces of the cube are divided into rectangles of differing proportions.
22nd November 2017 - Diagrams for Mondrian Modules and the Mondrian Cube.
16th November 2017 - Diagrams for Stargate and Nexus - macromodular sculptures made using the Artifact macromodule.
15th November 2017 - New page in the history section about the Kan No Mado.
18th October 2017 - Diagrams for the Columbus Cube and Columbus Tower - a macromodular design developed from Paul Jackson's Cube.
10th October 2017 - New page in the history section A Timeline of Origami History.
9th October 2017 - New page in the history section about The Catherine of Cleves Box
8th October 2017 - New page in the history section about The Buddha Papers
5th October 2017 - Diagrams for Give Me Sunshine - a crease and collapse bas-relief of the sun and its rays.
27th September 2017 - Page about Minimalist Representational Origami updated. There is also an updated page about Minimalist Abstract Origami.
21st September 2017 - Diagrams for Knotfish - a fish developed from the traditional fold known as the Lover's Knot.
20th September 2017 - Full text of 1977 self-published booklet Geometrical Compound Origami or Meditations on a Waterbomb by Kenneth M Kawamura recording the early modular origami designs and discoveries of Kenneth Kawamura and Joe Power.
14th September 2017 - Diagrams for Clingons - alien beings that hang together to form chains.
9th September 2017 - Diagrams for Shipwreck - an unusual multiple sheet design.
7th September 2017 - new page added to the Origami Unfolded section of this site - A Technical Analysis of Origami Design
29th August 2017 - Swannet - a new minimalist design.
28th August 2017 - revised version of A Family Tree of Origami and new page in the history section about The Fifth Pig and other propaganda Fold-Ups.
6th August 2017 - David's Star - a collapsible tessellation.
21st July 2017 - Flapping Parrot - an action design.
14th July 2017 - Cormorant on a Rock - a simple colour-change design.
4th July 2017 - New page in the history section about The Salt Cellar / Fortune Teller / Cootie Catcher
29th June 2017 - New page added about Everyday Origami
24th June 2017 - New pages in the history section about The Flapping Bird and The Orizuru or Paper Crane
7th June 2017 - New transformation puzzle 1, 2, 3, 4
20th May 2017 - Lateral Drinking Puzzle
13th May 2017 - Three more pages have been added to the History section of the site about The Chinese Junk, Troublewit and Consequences and Le Cadavre Exquis.
12th May 2017 - Diagrams for Five in a Row - a new transformation puzzle developed from Robert E Neale's Three in a Row. The solution can also be found on the Puzzles page.
4th May 2017 - Diagrams for Hag - a simple multiple sheet witch-like figure.
1st May 2017 - Diagrams for Delta Frame - a simple photograph or postcard frame.
27th April 2017 - Diagrams for Imp - a very simple multiple sheet design.. Also Solution to End to End and Solution to Trading Places puzzles.
26th April 2017 - Short essay - A brief theory of art - and new page about the History of paper planes.
22nd April 2017 - Elephants Extreme - a selection of minimalist designs for elephants.
13th April 2017 - Two more transformation puzzles - End to End - which provides a clue to solving Trading Places - and Limbo - which is a simplified version of Purgatory.
6th April 2017 - New transformation puzzle Trading Places by Robert E Neale - published here for the first time. Solution to follow shortly.
30th March 2017 - Diagrams for Rhinos 'R' Us / Out for the Count - a repositionable naive multiple piece design.
30th March 2017 - new poem The Alphabet Song.
23rd March 2017 - Diagrams for the classic Star of David by Larry Hart // Diagrams for the Coy Carp which is an adaptation of the traditional Kabuto / Japanese Goldfish design.
16th March 2017 - Solution to Three in a Row by Robert E Neale // Diagrams for Bowl on Legs - a previously unpublished old school design from 1988.
9th March 2017 - New puzzle Three in a Row by Robert E Neale - published here for the first time. Solution to follow next week.
7th March 2017 - Pictures added to Informal Partnership Art - Electra for designs by Yoshinobu Mizutani using Electra as a base for kusudamas.
2nd March 2017 - Diagrams for Just Lion Around - a simple two piece lion.
16th February 2017 - New poem - The vulture
16th February 2017 - Diagrams and template for Night and Day - a second apparatus puzzle based on the Woven Flexatube in which the object is to turn an entirely shaded tube - Night - into an entirely white one - Day.
9th February 2017 - Diagrams and template for Sheep and Goats by Robert E Neale - new diagrams for a classic apparatus puzzle from an origami master - plus The Woven Flexatube, an extract from my book Silverflexagons and the Flexatube which provides a full analysis of the flexagon underlying this puzzle.
1st February 2017 - Diagrams for Combination Silverhedra - modular origami polyhedra whose faces are a combination of silver triangles and other regular polygonal shapes.
25th January 2017 - Notes on Borromean Rings, Bands, Figures of Eight and Trefoils and diagrams for The Borromean Ring Release Effect
18th January 2017 - Diagrams for Purgatory - an apparatus puzzle in which a surprisingly large object must be passed through the centre of a flexible mat.
11th January 2017 - Diagrams for the Pocket Octahedron - an octahedron which can be stored flat in a pocket then popped back into shape between the fingers when required.
4th January 2017 - Diagrams for the 2-part Nolid Octahedron.