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13th October 2018 - Diagrams for Easter Islander - a minimalist design - Nefertiti - a minimalist pictorial design - and a new page in the history section about paperfolding in the writings and illustrations of Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) and John Tenniel.
6th October 2018 - Diagrams for Hull Down - a simple pictorial active play design - and Harbour at Skiathos - a simple pictorial landscape.
27th September 2018 - Diagrams for Penguin - a minimalist design and Jumbo - a simple full frontal elephant design..
20th September 2018 - Diagrams for South and Indian Country - both simple pictorial landscapes.
13th September 2018 - Diagrams for Also Comes In White - a simple double image design and Faith - a minimalist visual illusion and conceptual origami design.
6th September 2018 - Diagrams for Freefall / Limbo - a simple double image design.
31st August 2018 - Diagrams for Dogfish and Shark Attack - both simple double-image / active play designs.
22nd August 2018 - Diagrams for Mumbo Jumbo - a simple double image design.
18th August 2018 - Diagrams for Sailboard - a surprise denouement pictorial seascape design.
8th August 2018 - Diagrams for Merlin - a simple pictorial design.
2nd August 2018 - Diagrams for Head to Head - a minimalist visual illusion double image design.
27th July 2018 - Diagrams for Paradozical Object - a minimalist visual illusion double image Simple Solid design.
19th July 2018 - Diagrams for Simple Solids and new page in the history section about the Pinwheel / Puzzle Purse / Thread Container / Menko
17th July 2018 - New page in the history section about Folded Patenbriefs / Baptismal Certificates
12th July 2018 - New page in the history section about Ceremonial Wrappers / Tsutsumi.
11th July 2018 - Diagrams for Wot No Undies? - a double image see-through design.
10th July 2018 - New pages in the history section about Ocho and Mecho Butterflies and The Pajarita / Cocotte / Krähe / Hobby Horse
5th July 2018 - New pages in the history section about Trattato delle piegature by Mattia Giegher - the earliest known work on the folding of complex table decorations from starched paper napkins - and Carl Adolf Senff's Horses and Riders.
4th July 2018 - Diagrams for Llyn Dhu and Yggdrasil - both minimalist landscapes with an Welsh theme.
1st July 2018 - New pages in the history section about Houdini's Paper Magic, 1922, Paper Magic by Will Blyth. 1923 and Fun with Paper Folding by Murray and Rigney, 1926 which list the contents of these early books.
26th June 2018 - Diagrams for Lovebird a double image see through pictorial design.
19th June 2018 - Diagrams for Alien - a simple surprise denouement pictorial fold and brief notes about My paperfolding design philosophy.
13th June 2018 - Diagrams for Dodecahedron with Windows - a 30-part modular design and Upstream - a pictorial landscape design.
6th June 2018 - Diagrams for Egypt and Obelisk - both minimalist landscapes with an Egyptian theme.
30th May 2018 - Diagrams for America - a pictorial landscape design.
23rd May 2018 - Diagrams for A Change of Perspective - a minimalist double image design, Waiting for the Ferry - a single sheet one fold design and Flatmates - a multiple sheet one fold design.
15th May 2018 - Diagrams for Find the Lady - a simple minimalist pictorial puzzle, and Fishwife - a related simple double image design.
10th May 2018 - Diagrams for Doggone Cool! - a simple pictorial / drawing with paper design.
12th April 2018 - Diagrams for Old Man with Stick/Staff - a simple pictorial / drawing with paper design.
3rd April 2018 - Diagrams for Yacht - a simple pictorial / drawing with paper design.
28th March 2018 - Diagrams for Banana Boat - a minimalist design.
22nd March 2018 - Diagrams for Bull - a minimalist design.
15th March 2018 - Diagrams for Twins - an active play origami design.
6th March 2018 - Diagrams for The Unconventional Cube and for the 3-fold minimalist version of The Paul Jackson Cube, which uses the same module.
21st February 2018 - Diagrams for The Line Between - a conceptual origami design.
14th February 2018 - Diagrams for Standing Heart
11th February 2018 - New page in the history section about Froebelian Paperfolding and the Kindergarten
25th January 2018 - Diagrams for Fred and new page in the history section about Komoso / Yakko-san
18th January 2018 - Diagrams for The Twisted Square Cube
12th January 2018 - New pages in the history section about Symmetrical Inkblots / Klecksography / Rorschach Test and Paper, Scissors, Stone.
11th January 2018 - Diagrams for Windfarm - a tessellation from a large square partly slit into smaller squares and half squares.
4th January 2018 - Diagrams for Banded Cubes and Stars.
21st December 2017 - Diagrams for Piranha - an active play paperfold.
21st December 2017 - Diagrams for The Broken Square Cube.
14th December 2017 - Diagrams for The Whirlpool Cube.
7th December 2017 - Diagrams for Skew Sonobe Modules, the Skew Sonobe Cube and the Decorative Skew Sonobe Cube.
30th November 2017 - Diagrams for The Cockeyed Cube - a development of the Mondrian Cube in which each pair of opposite faces of the cube are divided into rectangles of differing proportions.
22nd November 2017 - Diagrams for Mondrian Modules and the Mondrian Cube.
16th November 2017 - Diagrams for Stargate and Nexus - macromodular sculptures made using the Artifact macromodule.
15th November 2017 - New page in the history section about the Kan No Mado.
18th October 2017 - Diagrams for the Columbus Cube and Columbus Tower - a macromodular design developed from Paul Jackson's Cube.
10th October 2017 - New page in the history section A Timeline of Origami History.
9th October 2017 - New page in the history section about The Catherine of Cleves Box
8th October 2017 - New page in the history section about The Buddha Papers
5th October 2017 - Diagrams for Give Me Sunshine - a crease and collapse bas-relief of the sun and its rays.
27th September 2017 - Page about Minimalist Representational Origami updated. There is also an updated page about Minimalist Abstract Origami.
21st September 2017 - Diagrams for Knotfish - a fish developed from the traditional fold known as the Lover's Knot.
20th September 2017 - Full text of 1977 self-published booklet Geometrical Compound Origami or Meditations on a Waterbomb by Kenneth M Kawamura recording the early modular origami designs and discoveries of Kenneth Kawamura and Joe Power.
14th September 2017 - Diagrams for Clingons - alien beings that hang together to form chains.
9th September 2017 - Diagrams for Shipwreck - an unusual multiple sheet design.
7th September 2017 - New page added to the Origami Unfolded section of this site - A Technical Analysis of Origami Design
29th August 2017 - Swannet - a new minimalist design.
28th August 2017 - Revised version of A Family Tree of Origami and new page in the history section about The Fifth Pig and other propaganda Fold-Ups.
6th August 2017 - Diagrams for David's Star - a collapsible tessellation.
21st July 2017 - Diagrams for Flapping Parrot - an action design.
14th July 2017 - Diagrams for Cormorant on a Rock - a simple colour-change design.
4th July 2017 - New page in the history section about The Salt Cellar / Fortune Teller / Cootie Catcher
29th June 2017 - New page added about Everyday Origami
24th June 2017 - New pages in the history section about The Flapping Bird and The Orizuru or Paper Crane
7th June 2017 - New transformation puzzle 1, 2, 3, 4
20th May 2017 - Diagrams for Lateral Drinking Puzzle
13th May 2017 - Three more pages have been added to the History section of the site about The Chinese Junk, Troublewit and Consequences and Le Cadavre Exquis.
12th May 2017 - Diagrams for Five in a Row - a new transformation puzzle developed from Robert E Neale's Three in a Row. The solution can also be found on the Puzzles page.
4th May 2017 - Diagrams for Hag - a simple multiple sheet witch-like figure.
1st May 2017 - Diagrams for Delta Frame - a simple photograph or postcard frame.
27th April 2017 - Diagrams for Imp - a very simple multiple sheet design.. Also Solution to End to End and Solution to Trading Places puzzles.
26th April 2017 - Short essay - A brief theory of art - and new page about the History of paper planes.
22nd April 2017 - Diagrams for Elephants Extreme - a selection of minimalist designs for elephants.
13th April 2017 - Two more transformation puzzles - End to End - which provides a clue to solving Trading Places - and Limbo - which is a simplified version of Purgatory.
6th April 2017 - New transformation puzzle Trading Places by Robert E Neale - published here for the first time. Solution to follow shortly.
30th March 2017 - Diagrams for Rhinos 'R' Us / Out for the Count - a repositionable naive multiple piece design.
30th March 2017 - New poem The Alphabet Song.
23rd March 2017 - Diagrams for the classic Star of David by Larry Hart // Diagrams for the Coy Carp which is an adaptation of the traditional Kabuto / Japanese Goldfish design.
16th March 2017 - Diagrams for Solution to Three in a Row by Robert E Neale // Diagrams for Bowl on Legs - a previously unpublished old school design from 1988.
9th March 2017 - New puzzle Three in a Row by Robert E Neale - published here for the first time. Solution to follow next week.
7th March 2017 - Pictures added to Informal Partnership Art - Electra for designs by Yoshinobu Mizutani using Electra as a base for kusudamas.
2nd March 2017 - Diagrams for Just Lion Around - a simple two piece lion.
16th February 2017 - New poem - The vulture
16th February 2017 - Diagrams and template for Night and Day - a second apparatus puzzle based on the Woven Flexatube in which the object is to turn an entirely shaded tube - Night - into an entirely white one - Day.
9th February 2017 - Diagrams and template for Sheep and Goats by Robert E Neale - new diagrams for a classic apparatus puzzle from an origami master - plus The Woven Flexatube, an extract from my book Silverflexagons and the Flexatube which provides a full analysis of the flexagon underlying this puzzle.
1st February 2017 - Diagrams for Combination Silverhedra - modular origami polyhedra whose faces are a combination of silver triangles and other regular polygonal shapes.
25th January 2017 - Notes on Borromean Rings, Bands, Figures of Eight and Trefoils and diagrams for The Borromean Ring Release Effect
18th January 2017 - Diagrams for Purgatory - an apparatus puzzle in which a surprisingly large object must be passed through the centre of a flexible mat.
11th January 2017 - Diagrams for the Pocket Octahedron - an octahedron which can be stored flat in a pocket then popped back into shape between the fingers when required.
4th January 2017 - Diagrams for the 2-part Nolid Octahedron.