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Multiple Sheet Minimalist Origami
Minimalist origami is a form of representational origami that seeks to capture the essence of a subject in the smallest possible number of folds ... or, at least, a very small number ... using either just a single sheet or multiple sheets of paper. Because of this the subject must be suggested rather than modelled in detail and so the design will tend to concentrate on those details of the subject which are essential to recognition and ignore those that aren't.

The very best minimalist designs are instantly recognisable. Persuading your friends to recognise others may require a subtle hint. 'It's a stegosaurus,' usually works, for instance. In general children seem to recognise many minimalist designs on first sight much more easily than adults do.

Multiple sheet minimalist origami is very similar in concept to single sheet minimalist origami except that the design is made in several pieces, each of which uses the minimum number of folds ... or, at least, very few. There is no absolute rule about the maximum number of folds any piece of the design should use ... but I would suggest it should be five or less. Many less if possible.

Some of these designs also qualify as naive origami designs. An explanation of the meaning of the term naive origami can be found here.

  B-Bear - naive design. Two squares, three folds.   M008   1992   On-line diagrams are available on the Multiple Sheet Designs page of this site.
  Butterfly - naive action design.   552   1992   Diagrams not yet available.
  Flatmates - multiple sheet minimalist design. Two squares, one fold.   M006   2005   Origami Alfresco 2nd Edition - ISBN 978-0-9534774-6-3
  Penguin Cottage - double image design from 2 squares.   M081   2015   On-line diagrams are available on the Multiple Sheet Designs page of this site.
  Sea Monster   M015   2009   Kid-O-Gami - Sandy Creek - David Mitchell - ISBN 978-1-4351-2338-0
  Turtle   M025   2013   Diagrams not yet available.
  Wolf Cub   M007   2005   Origami Animals - Greenwich Editions - David Mitchell - ISBN 1-86288-770-4 // On-line diagrams are also available on the Multiple Sheet Designs page of this site.