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Paper Magic and More Paper Magic by Will Blyth
Paper Magic by Will Blyth was first published by C Arthur Pearson in London in 1920. The follow up, More Paper Magic, was firtdst published in 1923. I have not yet beenb able to locate a list of contents for this second book.

Paper Magic

Paper Magic was divided into two sections, Paper Folding and Paper Conjuring. The main effects which rely on paperfolding are:

Paper Folding:

Soldier's Hat - ie the Newspaper hat but with the sides folded up to improve the shape.

Drill Sword - a coil of paper that pulls out to form a long point.

Sailing Boat - ie the Paper Boat.

Army Forage Cap -

Mechanical Conjuring Trick - a simple treatment of the Fortune Teller

Breakfast Cruet - ie the Salt Cellar.

Twin Rowing Boat - ie the Twin Boat from the Multiform sequence.

The Pin Tray - ie the box which forms the base for the Chinese Junk.

Ash Tray - another simple box.

Saucepan - the Pin Tray used as a saucepan to boil water over a candle.

Kettle - ie the Kettle variant of the waterbomb which can also be used to boil water over a candle.

Working Bellows - ie the Bellows.

Lifeboat - ie the initial boat shape stage of the Chinese Junk.

Chinese Junk - the Lifeboat with the ends pulled out.

Flying Aeroplane - ie the Swallow.

Christmas Star - flat star woven from four strips.

Easter Cross - cross made by combining seven stars. The stars are combined without glue but the text recommends that paper is pasted on the back to make the design more permanent.

Dart - ie the traditional Paper Dart.

Parachute ie the Parachute.

Flap Purse - ie the Menko.

Puff Ball - a version of the three part slit and assemble XYZ form but made from circular pieces of card so that the resault is a ball.

Windmill - ie the slit and twist Paper Windmill.

Puzzle Box - ie the Catherine of Cleves box.

The Flapper - ie the Flapping Bird made by the crease and collapse method.

Smoke Ring Box - ie the 6-Card Cube with a hole in one face.

Paper Conjuring

Two Blacksmiths - a trick using paper of two colours rolled into balls.

Paper Bag Cookery - a trick using a rolled paaper cone.

Magic Purse - ie the Buddha Papers.

Ball of Mahomet - a levitation effect with a ball of crumpled tissue paper.

An Episode of Mere Man - ie cutting in half untwisted, half twisted (moebius band) and fully twisted paper rings.

An Orchard Story - a combination of the Newspaper Tree, Newspaper Ladder and String of Dolls.

Gains of the Great War - four fold and cut effects - A German Iron Cross, the Allies' Star of Victory (a Star of David) and the Altar of Supreme Sacrifice (in which the various pieces separated by the cut are assembled to form an altar.