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Theoretisches und praktisches Handbuch der Fröbelschen Erziehungslehre by Bertha von Marentholtz-Bülow, 1887
'Theoretisches und praktisches Handbuch der Fröbelschen Erziehungslehre' by Bertha von Marentholtz-Bülow was published by George H Wigand in Kassel in 1887.

I have been unable to view the full work either in hard copy or online. However, three plates taken from the work are pictured at http://www.birgit-ebbert-blog.de/schoenheitsformen-von-friedrich-froebel/ and reproduced below.

These show that the Forms of Life featured in this book included:

The Basket

The Crown

The Bed

The Scent Bottle

The Pair of Boots

The Table

The Table Cloth

The Windmill

The Double Boat

The Boat with Sail

Other pictures may be intended to represent intermediate steps or may be intended as designs in their own right. Without access to the full text it is impossible to be sure.