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Froebel's Occupations - 1896
'Froebel's Occupations', written by Kate Douglas Wiggin and Nora Archibald Smith was published by Houghton, Mifflin and Company, of Boston and New York in 1896. It includes a chapter devoted to an explanation of the use of paperfolding as a Froebelian occupation which contains some interesting observations, among which are:

'In the firelit winter evenings, before the days of the useful (and ugly) match, our grandmothers folded dainty lamplighters ... and when the pretty work was over, marvelous paper boats and boxes and windmillswere fashioned for the expectant audience.

Many times in the quiet home-life of the German peasant Froebel ... saw parents and children united in this simple art ...'


'There is a sequence of simple figures, all life-forms, and all folded so as to stand erect upon the table, which we call the 'Pig' sequence, and which we have found very useful before the folding of symmetrical forms is begun. ... We call the forms successively, the large tent, the snow bank or hillside, the horse-car, the small tent, the table, the card-case, the fireplace, the box, the two canoes, the salt-cellar, the wood basket and finally the pig, - the crowning glory of the sequence, a star of the purest ray and the first magnitude.' Unfortunately the book contains no illustrations and not all of the designs mentioned can be definitively identified.

The full text of this book can be viewed at https://archive.org/details/froebelsoccupati00wiggrich/page/n5