Origami Heaven

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The website of writer and paperfolding designer David Mitchell


About this site
This site was established in the 1990s and has been growing ever since. It is intended to be both a library of information about paperfolding and an archive of my own paperfolding designs, writings and cartoons. It includes well over a hundred sets of diagrams in pdf format, which are free to download, as well as an online shop where you can purchase Water Trade books.

The site is in seven sections, Origami Unfolded, Designs, Diagrams, Publications, Art, Education and Cloud 9. The contents of each section are summarised below.

Origami Unfolded

A basic introduction to paperfolding by way of an FAQ for beginners

An introduction to the various types of paperfolding, distinguished by the intention of the folder / designer, by way of a Family Tree of Origami and a few subsidiary topic pages.

An introduction to some of the factors that distinguish one origami design from another by way of a Technical Analysis of Origami Design.


This section of the site contains pages illustrating and giving information about my origami designs, including where the diagrams can be found. Each of the pages focuses on one of the main themes / design motifs that I have spent time exploring.


Diagrams for some of my Single Sheet Designs.

Diagrams for some of my Multiple Sheet Designs.

Diagrams for some of my own Modular Designs (and a few classics by other people).

Technical pages about Modular and Macromodular Origami.

MODE - The Modular Origami Design Encyclopaedia allowing you to look up designs by modular number, polyhedral form and design topic.

A section devoted to Paperfolding Puzzles containing diagrams for many of my own puzzles and others by Robert E Neale.

A section devoted to the folding of Devious Devices.

A section devoted to Flexagons.

A section devoted to the folding of Origami Tiles and Tiling Patterns containing many sets of diagrams.

A section devoted to the folding of Message Notes.

A section devoted to the folding of Paper Planes.

A section devoted to the folding of X-rated designs

A section containing sets of diagrams for some Designs of Unknown Origin.

A section containing diagrams for some useful Folding Utilities.


This section of the site contains details of all the books I have written and illustrated.

There is also an Online Shop where you can purchase Water Trade books.


This section offers a definition of art and a brief discussion of the implications of that definition in relation to the question, 'To what extent is paperfolding art?'.

The Galleries present images of some of my modular, macromodular and multiple piece sculptures.

There is also a section devoted to Partnership Art, a concept that is particularly relevant to craft origami where it is common for an artwork to be designed by one person and realised by another, or by many others, in many different contexts, on a formal or informal basis.


This section of the site is intended as a resource for teachers, and in particular for teachers of mathematics. It brings together ideas about finding mathematics in paperfolding and contains diagrams for many useful mathematical designs.


This page links to a brief Timeline of Origami History and other pages collecting together more detailed historical information about some traditional designs.

There is also a bibliography of the published designs of Robert E Neale.

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is a little cottonwool-edged corner of this site devoted to my cartoons, poems and, in time, other kinds of writing.